Planning Your Day with Snowstar  

Planning your day with Snowstar member begins at home.  Make sure you get a good night sleep before a Snowstar trip.  Also have a good breakfast for energy to get through the first class session.

A Few Simple Rules
Be respectful and you will be respected.  Bad language will not be tolerated.  Damage to bus or others equipment will not be tolerated.  Please place any waste in the proper receptacle. Listen to instructors, if you have questions, please ask.  Obey your parents.  Eat all of your vegetables.  Do your homework on time.  Don't wash your white socks with your red t shirt.

What To Wear?
Layers! Check the weather and always start with a good base layer.  That's right, long underwear.  If you think it's not cool to wear them, don't worry, no one will see them.  Next, an insulation layer.  Stay away from 100% cotton because if it gets wet, it will stay wet and you'll be cold.  Polartek or similar materials make a nice insulation layer. Wool ski sweaters are coming back in style and also make a nice insulation layer.  For an outer layer, a water resistant material for a jacket and pants.  If you are unsure what to wear, ask at any local ski and snowboard shop.  Also, check out the pictures throughout this website to see what the other kids are wearing. Helmets are not required but are warmer than hats and provide protection.  You'll notice many of our members and instructors wear helmets.  For information on helmets and safety take a look at the "Lids On Kids" website.  We also suggest wrist guards for snowboarders.  Broken wrists are the most common snowboarding injury.  Unfortunately, kids don't like to wear the wrist guards until it's too late.  There are snowboarding gloves with the guards built in.
Wear your ski and snowboard boots from home, you'll have less to carry and you won't have to worry about losing your shoes.  Many kids bring backpacks to keep extra items and lunches.  We do have space in our area to put them but don't keep valuables in them.  We suggest that you don't bring Ipods, video games or other expensive items.  Some kids do bring them but at their own risk.  With up to 300 kids on a trip, we can't watch everybody's individual stuff.

Where Are We Going This Week?
Take a look at the Events Calendar in your membership manual or on this website.

Head For The Bus
If you're not sure where to get the bus or when the bus leaves and returns, look for the Bus Schedule in your membership manual or on this website.  Please arrive at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to departure to allow time for loading.  We leave promptly at the scheduled times.  If you want to wait for a friend, try carpooling with your friends so you arrive at the same time.  Bring your membership card on all Snowstar trips.  Bring whatever extra money you will need if you are buying a drink or lunch or treat.  A typical lunch at a ski area will cost about $10 - $15.  Kids usually like to buy a treat for themselves on the ride home.  Please keep track of your cash and zip it in a pocket at all times.

On The Bus
Find an empty seat, we sit two to a seat.  Your equipment, snowboard, skis and poles, go with you but next to the window.  If you need help, just ask an instructor.  You must sit in the same seat on the way home.
Once the bus starts rolling, an instructor will come down the aisle and ask for your membership card.  The instructor will write your name and membership number on a seating chart.  When the seating chart is finished you will receive your lift ticket for the day.  Your bus number is written on your ticket so you can find your bus at the end of the day.  If you have a season pass for Little Switzerland, you will be issued a special white lift ticket with the bus number written on it so you can find the right bus at the end of the day.  The instructor will read any important announcements including the class schedule and bus loading times for the return home.  If you don't hear the information, please ask the instructor to repeat it for you.

On Arrival At The Ski Area
Take all of your stuff with you.  Do not leave anything on the bus.  If you are unsure of where to go, an instructor will take you on a tour to familiarize you with the area.  Park your snowboard or skis in one of the many racks available outside and lock them.  Ski and Snowboard locks are available at your local ski shops.  Take the rest of your stuff to the Snowstar Table area.  If you need rental equipment, we have people near the Snowstar Table, to take you through the process and get you out to your class.  Don't go to the rental area alone.

If your first lesson is during the first class session, head to the class meeting area right away.  If you're getting rentals, don't worry, we will get you to your class.  At the class meeting area, you will be assigned an instructor and off you go.  All beginner classes meet at all three class sessions.  If you don't have a lesson until the second class session, go have some fun and practice, practice, practice.

Lunch Time
Time to refuel.  If you brought a lunch and it's in your back pack, go find it.  If you are going to buy lunch at the hill, go to the cafeteria. Sometimes it's fun to eat outside when the weather is nice and sunny.  Beginners can eat with their group.

2nd And 3rd Class Sessions
These classes meet at 12:30 and 2:15.  If in doubt, ask.  Remember, if you aren't in a lesson, practice what you've already learned.  At the end of each class, your instructor will punch your lesson card to signify that you took that lesson.  If you don't have a lesson card yet, your instructor will give you one.  In the lower levels, your instructor will determine if you can perform the proper skills to move up to the next level and will issue the next level lesson card to you.  At the upper levels, your instructor will determine if you have the proper skills to move up and will punch the Test square on your card.  If you have test punched on your card, on the next trip go to the test flag at the second class session and you will be tested by a senior instructor.

Departure From The Ski Area
Don't be late for the bus!  We don't leave until we have accounted for everybody.  If you are being picked up early from the ski hill, make sure you are checked out by your parent at the Snowstar Table.  If a friend of the family is picking you up, you must have a note from your parents stating who will be picking you up and that person must sign you out at the Snowstar Table.  We require a picture ID of the parent or person picking you up.  If you don't check out with us, we will assume you are still at the hill somewhere and we will search for you and call every emergency phone number from your application until we locate you.  We haven't lost anyone yet.
If you forgot the bus loading time from the announcements in the morning on the bus, check at the Snowstar Table.  We have a clock and a sign there with the loading time.  If in doubt, ask any Snowstar Instructor.
On the bus ride home, you can bring snacks.  Please help keep the buses clean. They are equipped with waste baskets and that is where your waste must go.  If we find garbage on the floor, those sitting in that area will stay on the bus and clean up.

Arrival At Your Bus Stop
Make sure your parents arrive to pick you up at least 10 minutes prior to arrival.  Sometimes we arrive a little early.  Check the Bus Schedule for times.  When we come home it is dark and can be quite cold.  At most stops, a bus will wait until all are picked up so you can stay warm.  An instructor will also wait until all are picked up.  Make sure you tell your parents about your day, especially if you passed to the next level.  They like that stuff.

If you have questions before your first Snowstar Trip or at any time, you can call us or send an email.     We like to hear good things but please let us know if you ever have any problems so we can fix them.

Always ski and board responsibly. 
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