New Busing Info:

Instructors will receive an email with the current registration for each bus stop.  Please feel free to print off any information you may need.  We will not be dropping off bus bags.  You are welcome to grab any forms you may want from week to week.  Below are the bus announcements you can read from your phone or print out.  I do have some laminated copies if you would like one to keep with you week to week.

Our Snowstar cell phone number is


Bus Announcments.pdf

Additional Bus Announcments.pdf

Welcome Instructors.pdf

 Instructor Training Requirement = 7.5 hours of training
 Each clinic is worth 1.5 hours
(Dryland Clinics are worth 2 hours toward your total)
We run clinics every Monday night at Little Switzerland, weather permitting.  We will begin as soon as they are open for the season.  We will also run clinics during our 3rd teaching period on Saturdays for those that do not have an assignment at that time. 

We have a system to make sure you get paid for the classes you teach. You will receive a card at the beginning of any class that you teach. Fill it out and turn it in, also sign the log book when your class is finished.
Please remember, classes are 11/2 hours long.

Check out this article from PSIA/AASI "32 Degrees"
"Learn The Stages Of Motor Learning To Help Students Succeed More Quickly"
You can also scan the IR code at the end of the article to view a video discussion from Interski instructors.

Here's some links for you to peruse (look at) that can give you some great information to add to your teaching skills and bag of tricks. Check out the progressions for teaching terrain features in the terrain park.

PMTS online ski lesson

Beginning Terrain Park Ski Instruction

Snow Ski Instructions

Roberts Ski and Snowboard Instruction Website

Snowboard Instruction tips

If you would like information about PSIA/AASI, check these links.

PSIA-C Alpine Instructors - This is a link to ski education materials including portfolios, certification study guides and workbooks.

AASI-C Snowboard Instructors - This is a link to snowboard education materials including certification study guides.

Professional Ski Instructors of America - Central
- this is the main page for PSIA/AASI Central Division.

This is the link to National PSIA and AASI website

J.I.T. Manuals:
           JIT Snowboard Manual
                  JIT Ski Manual

** As always, we are in need of snowboard instructors for this upcoming season. If you know of anyone that is of intermediate riding ability, at least 18 years old and might be interested in learning to teach, please contact us right away with names and phone numbers!!!

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