2018 - 2019

Welcome to Snowstar! Winter Adventures for Kids ages 7 to 18!

Dear Snowstar Families:

Update 8-28-2018

We had some incorrect information go out and we are honoring the 64.00 tuition thru August 31st. Starting Sept 1st thru Sept 30th tuition will be 75.00.

I have voided all invoices so that you can get the 64.00 tuition rate now. 

I know that there are a lot of other little problems on the website and signing up. Rest assured I am working on solutions for each and everyone of them and I will respond to all your emails this week.

Thank you for continued patience.

Jon Sison  

UPDATE 8-27-2018

WE are are going to be launching the Membership Levels Tomorrow so please go ahead and sign up. I have set it to be 10.00 off each membership till Sept 30th for your convenience. 

This years trips are listed on the events page and current pricing is correct. 

Thank You for your patience as we transition into new ownership.

Jon Sison  


Welcome to the “new” Snowstar family!  Snowstar Snowsports is now part of Schmitz Bros. LLC which includes Little Switzerland, Nordic Mtn. and The Rock Snowpark.  The Snowstar Snowsports “traveling” school that you are familiar with will continue much as you know it.  Stay tuned while we work on the logistics of blending the new entities, but rest assured that we will be picking you up in the same familiar places and traveling to area ski hills and having just as much fun as ever!

Please members dues are not due as of yet we will let you know when its open and accepting dues. sorry for the auto email notice. 

 We will have more information available for you in the next few weeks. Please find all news and communications at this website.

We look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

August 01, 2018

Snowstar Program Developer

Jon Sison

ATT PLEASE; As always, we are in need of snowboard instructors for this upcoming season. If you know of anyone that is of intermediate riding ability, at least 18 years old and might be interested in learning to teach, please contact us right away with names and phone numbers!!!

 Thank You Members!!!
We had a great 2017/2018 Season!

Snowstar Snow Sports School is a traveling ski and snowboard school for kids ages 7 to 18.

We pick kids up at bus stops throughout the metro Milwaukee area, take them to local ski hills and teach them how to ski and/or snowboard.

Snowstar trips are every Saturday during the season.  Our season starts at the beginning of December and goes through the end of February.  You can attend as many Saturday trips as you like and you only pay for the trips you attend.  

Do you want to learn more about SNOWSTAR?

Click on the 'About Us' tab above.  Also check out the 'Bus Schedule' tab to find a bus stop near you.  To see our trip calendar, click on the 'Events' tab.


Snowstar Snow Sports School is a PSIA/AASI Member school

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